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Name - Ashley Chin
Birthday - 5th April 2006
KK Hospital
2.7 kg
Daddy - William
Mummy - Polly


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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hey guys and gals, sorry for the lack of updates for the past 5 months... Look out for a relaunch of this blog very soon!


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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sorry for lack of updates again! Here's Botanic Gardens outing ...

Here's Da Gu... Ah Chek Rong bought the yellow toy camera for Ashley because this outing was to have a photo competition and did not want Ashley to feel left out!
Thanks for being so thoughtful!
Testing out my new camera with Ashley

Kennon and I (actually was I) flew a plane up the tree ....
Happy Baby
Samantha and her nephew
Jeremiah and the toy copter
Mummy photo taken by Ashley!
More pics taked by Ashley
Handsome Darryl
eh dunno taken by who
Ashley loves taking photos!
See how happy she is?Fish fish
And tortoise..

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Da Gu Weiling's Birthday !!!!
massive post of pictures .. I had missed out this important event... =.=

We ate at Swensens Compasspoint to celebrate weiling's birthday.
Here's Ashley with Xiao Gu Wei Mun
Da Gu Weiling added
Another shot of the crazy chin family

Ashley somehow got her clothes wet in the restaurant so Weiling protects her while we find clothes to change for her...
Here's Weiling's scarf, pretty handy!
Ashley inspects the menu
With Manta, as Mummy injured herself...
With Salad
We celebrated with our close frens, Nat, Samantha, Manta. Notice Ashley is only interested with whats on the table.
Manta laughing -_-'''
Saying Grace before dinner..
Everyone is doing it
See how focused is Ashley?

Another picture of Samantha and Manta praying. Daddy also got pray hor, after taking the photos.
Waiting for the food...
I want I want!!! What does she want?
French Fries!
Weimun and Samantha
Weiling with her food
Enjoying Fries
Posing for the camera
Teenagers have a funny way of posing
Everyone's getting their food
Mummy looks so sad as she got herself an injury
Ashley enjoying her fries
Really enjoying!
I see her so happy I also happy
no comment
Must be Manta doing something funny la
All doing the monster
Group Photo
Ashley is holding her ice cream!!!
Gan Bei!
She finished hers very fast
Thats it!

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